Fakro Flat Roof Window Types

The engineering behind all the Fakro Flat Roof Window Types are both detailed in its design yet simple in its operation. The windows are designed and manufactured to prioritise functionality while never compromising on aesthetics, ease of use or installation. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect Fakro Flat Roof Window for your home –

Fakro L-Shaped Combination Door

The loft is a perfect example of a space which is now considered perfect to develop and expanding our available homes – and especially for storage. They’re no longer considered a wasted space, now they’re an opportunity to be utilized. So if you’ve a loft that’s letting you down, and you’re struggling for storage, consider

Choosing the right Roof Window

If you’re looking for extra space in your home, extending up rather than out might be the best solution for you. A loft conversion can provide the same additional quality living space as an extension – at a fraction of the cost. Think about it, your loft has almost the same available floor space as

Fakro Awning Window Blinds

VZM Blinds
Fakro awning window blinds for brings a pleasant learning atmosphere into the classroom of elementary school in Austria.  In the elementary school of Lanzenkirchen in Lower Austria the rising temperatures in the south-facing classrooms became a big challenge. Many complained about the lack of heat pro-tection. “Due to the increased heat periods in recent years,
The new headquarters of the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting has been re-designed in the historic centre of Brussels. The transformation of the existing building uses modern and highly aesthetic Fakro Roof Windows. Effectively… In the central part of the building, where the ceiling is on different levels, there was a room under a

Retrofit Grants – Government Announcement

Housing continues to pose one of the greatest energy efficiency challenges in Ireland. A considerable portion of older housing performs poorly when compared with those built to the current standards. To help tackle this issue earlier this year the Government announced it will roll out a new Deep Retrofit Grant. The government has announced a