Fakro Loft Ladders
Fakro Loft Ladders

Loft Ladders - It folds so easily

The addition of a loft ladder to your building not only extends your available, accessible floor space but can also increase the amount of easily accessible storage in a building, making for an all-around improved living experience. Our range of loft ladders are manufactured by Fakro, a world leader in smart design, durable high quality building solutions.

Choosing a loft ladder

Choosing the right loft ladder for your space requires just a little forward planning and measurement. Our expert team are here to help you make the right choice. Call us today for help selecting the right loft ladder for your needs.

Here are a few key things to consider when choosing a loft ladder

You will need to consider the following dimensions to ensure your loft ladder will be the right fit:

  • The dimensions of your loft opening.
  • The height of the room that the ladder will open into.
  • The maximum swing space needed when the ladder is being unfolded (don’t forget you will need space to stand in front of the ladder as it opens).
  • The floor space required for a fully opened ladder.

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Another thing to consider is how easy the loft ladder is to install. Many of our loft ladders come with ‘click fixings’ meaning ladders can be installed by a single person. All of our loft ladders are fully assembled and do not require any additional pre-installation work.

Fakro Loft Ladders

This might not be the most obvious consideration when choosing a loft ladder, but when you consider that 25% of the average home’s heat loss is through the loft or attic, it makes sense to shop for an energy efficient loft access solution.
All of our loft ladders come with an integral, insulated, fully finished hatch, designed for maximum energy efficiency.

Fakro Loft Ladders

All of our Fakro range of loft ladders come with a 3 year warranty.

Fakro Loft Ladders

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Fakro Access Doors
Fakro Access Doors

Access Doors - fire-resistant & highly energy-efficient

Our range of access doors are designed to allow access to otherwise unused and inaccessible spaces such as under the stairs or the eaves of a roof or behind the walls of a building. Installing an access door to make the most of unused spaces, means that the storage capacity of a building is maximised , clutter is minimised, access to cabling and wiring is improved and the over all experience of living and functioning in the building is much more seamless.

All of our access doors offer excellent thermal insulation and air tightness to minimize heat loss. We also carry a range of fire resistant access doors and all doors can be installed to open from either the right or the left.

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