Parexlanko Introduce New Bag Weight

Parexlanko have introduced new 25kg bag size for easier and safer handling on site. The introduction of this new bag weight has been implemented on the below facade products: Monorex GF Monorex GM Parlumiere Claire Parlumiere Moyen Parlumiere Sth Parlumiere Fin Maite EHI GF EHI GM Colle CCP+ Palletization Along with the changes on the above

Lead Lined Boards

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In partnership with Midland Lead, Tradectaft offer the widest range of lead lined boards in Ireland. All products are made can supply bespoke size solutions to meet your precise requirements. Our lead lined boards are used by builders and contractors throughout Ireland, and in countries around the world to provide dependable protection for people against

Fakro Loft Ladder Types

FAKRO offer various models of Loft Ladders, making it possible to satisfy the needs of each individual customer. All Fakro Loft Ladder Types ensure high tightness reducing heat loss of your loft and satisfy the requirements of EN 14975:2006. A popular Ladder within the range would be the LWS. However, with a slightly more generous

Fakro Flat Roof Window Types

The engineering behind all the Fakro Flat Roof Window Types are both detailed in its design yet simple in its operation. The windows are designed and manufactured to prioritise functionality while never compromising on aesthetics, ease of use or installation. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect Fakro Flat Roof Window for your home –

Fakro L-Shaped Combination Door

The loft is a perfect example of a space which is now considered perfect to develop and expanding our available homes – and especially for storage. They’re no longer considered a wasted space, now they’re an opportunity to be utilized. So if you’ve a loft that’s letting you down, and you’re struggling for storage, consider

Choosing the right Roof Window

If you’re looking for extra space in your home, extending up rather than out might be the best solution for you. A loft conversion can provide the same additional quality living space as an extension – at a fraction of the cost. Think about it, your loft has almost the same available floor space as