radon barrier installation
radon barrier installation

Radon Membranes

Radon Membranes are designed to protect the inhabitants of buildings from the effects of naturally occurring gasses in the ground. Radon is a colourless, odourless, naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is prevalent in granite areas but can occur almost anywhere. It is widely held that exposure to Radon gas can be a major contributing factor in lung cancers. Each of the products in this range of stone wool solutions has excellent thermal insulation qualities, they are alkali resistant and they do not accumulate moisture or react to changes in temperature.

Our range of Radon barriers not only protect the inhabitants from dangerous gasses but also protect the structure as they double up as a damp-proofing layer where applicable and they are designed to last the lifetime of the building.

With stringent building regulations in place, it is now more important than ever that builders use ‘fit for purpose’, regulation compliant materials that will stand the test of time. Our range of Radon barriers exceed the requirements of relevant building regulations and are designed to be puncture resistant and easy to install.

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