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Parexlanko External Wall Insulation

Soaring energy costs have brought the need for more effective insulation solutions sharply into focus.
External walls are the key contributor to energy loss accounting for up to 45% of heat loss from domestic properties. These walls are energy inefficient with expensive heat and energy literally disappearing through the walls into thin air!
Parexlanko External Wall Insulation Systems are high performance render systems and coatings in conjunction with a choice of insulation products to create attractive, energy-saving facades on both new build and restoration projects.
Parexlanko has invested in extensive product development with external wall insulation product manufacturers to develop truly unique renders and finishes for Externally Insulated Façade Systems (EIFS). Our Parexlanko External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems hold the highest industry approvals and are ideal for creating energy-saving facades for new build homes and commercial premises and the refurbishment of existing homes and buildings. Found out how to apply for a SEAI grant here.

Benefits to external wall insulation

        Installing Parexlanko External Renders in your home will reduce the amount of heat loss through your walls, consequently saving you money on your heating bill. In addition to this it also means your home will warm up faster, retain heat and help lower your carbon emissions.
       External Wall Insulation can be applied with a variety of decorative finishes. This means that not only are you insulating your home, you are also altering and improving its aesthetics. This can be especially beneficial if your undertaking a home renovation. Parexlanko offer a huge variety of finishes and colours for you to choose from.
Like and construction work, the process of applying an external wall insulation system can cause some initial disruption to your home. However, when compared to internal insulation methods the disruption is significantly less. Foremost being it won’t reduce the internal size of your rooms

Insulation Materials
External wall insulation must abide by strict building regulations, which will have an effect on the material you choose. Our systems can be designed to meet the U-Value demands of Irish building regulations. The U-value is a measure of how quickly heat escapes through a structure to the outside and as a result, how much carbon is leaking through the walls too.
A U-value is a measurement given to the thermal insulation qualities of a wall, floor or roof, where the lower the figure the better the thermal performance, leading to reduced energy bills. Simply put, the thicker the insulation you can add to your building, the better the wall, floor or roof will perform and more energy is saved.
EPS (Graphite Expanded Polysryrne)
·         The primary insulation used in EWI applications
·         Ideally suited for bonded only applications
·         Highly resistant to moisture, maintaining its thermal performance at all times
·         Detailing can be cut into the insulation. Cills, headers and other feature details can be easily created to replicat­ e the original design and enhance the look of the structure
        Mineral Wool
·      Excellent breathability due to the nature of the mineral wool.
·         Fire resistant, non-combustible and classified to A1. Ideal for multioccupancy building and high-rise structures
·        Compared to the other insulations, mineral wool can provide better acoustic performance of the wall and may reduce the effect of external noise entering the building


We can work with you from planning right through to completion. The Parexlanko EWI System provides superior energy efficiency and a thermal performance that easily exceeds current and projected future regulations. With the broadest range of render finishes and textures, 48 standard colours and a bespoke colour range, we give you the freedom to make your property really special.
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