aluthermo reflective insulation
aluthermo reflective insulation

Reflective Insulation: Aluthermo

The most effective way to reduce your energy consumption is to insulate.
But with so many variations of insulation materials on the market, how do you know you are choosing the right material for your project?

There are 3 main categories of insulation material on the market at present:

1. Rigid panels of polyurethane or polystyrene

2. Fibrous insulation materials, which often come in rolls or batons such as glass wool, rock wool, sheep's wool etc

Both of these options trap stable air and slow the movement of hot or cold energy between internal and external environments. In order to do this, they must be thick layers of material which can reduce the overall available space in a building and can be cumbersome to work with.

3. The third option available is a different technology. It is thin, reflective insulation and it acts quite differently from traditional solutions.

Rather than slow the movement of energy, thin, reflective insulation materials act like a mirror and reflect it.
Our range of thin, reflective insulation from Aluthermo is a light weight, multi-layered, flexible insulation material that is thermally-welded across its entire surface, which is made up of several layers of aluminium.
It offers exceptional energy saving results and has been used for years in both new construction and renovation projects.

Why Choose Aluthermo Thin Reflective Insulation?

  • Due to the quality of its pure aluminium, Aluthermo reflects 95% of radiant heat and is also treated against oxidation.
aluthermo reflective insulation
  • Because it is a very thin, flexible insulation material, Aluthermo can be installed above or below the roof, walls or floor to form a sort of envelope that prevents energy loss caused by draughts.
aluthermo reflective insulation
  • Due to their flexibility, Aluthermo products are much more acoustically effective.
aluthermo reflective insulation
  • The components of Aluthermo insulation make it risk-free to the environment, and make it durable and non-toxic with an unrivalled life span.
aluthermo reflective insulation
  • Aluthermo products come with a 10 year guarantee backed by Allianz Insurance
  • Aluthermo products vary in thickness from 10mm to 42mm, offering unrivalled space saving and flexibility with no compromise on thermal performance.
aluthermo reflective insulation
  • Due to the lightness and flexibility of Aluthermo products, they are easy to install for both renovation and new builds
aluthermo reflective insulation

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