Top Safe System

Fakro Top Safe

For those seeking a roof window which combines good eco-credentials with added security, Fakro roof windows now use the patented, topSafe® system. This provides the highest standard of security and safety currently available (Class 3 – EN 13049), its micro-opening facility enabling it to remain secure even when open. Additional steel reinforcement is built into the lower part of the sash, while improved lock security and fixing screws driven in at an angle prevent hinges being ruptured.

Increased Resistance to Burglary

Roof windows must provide effective protection against potential intruders. FAKRO roof windows have been designed to provide the highest sense of security and are equipped with the pioneering topSafe system of reinforcement. Used in conjunction with toughened external glass, the system significantly improves the resistance to break-in attempts and protects against the sash opening if inadvertently stepped on. This has enabled all FAKRO products to meet a minimum Class III – EN13049, another standard which FAKRO was first to achieve.



Innovative system of specially shaped and mounted hinges prevents timber splitting or forcing of the hinges and sash. This solution is several times stronger than any previously developed or used.
Metal reinforcement makes break-in using a crowbar much more difficult.
Specially reinforced structure and locking parts.


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