Solatube DayLight Systems
Solatube DayLight Systems

Our range of light tunnels offer the perfect solution

In today’s busy building environment with such high demand for housing and new construction, the use of innovative building and design solutions has become paramount. Limited available building space has meant the design of buildings with smaller rooms, rooms that are below ground level and spaces that don’t have access to natural light. It may not be possible to install a conventional window or roof window into a dark or windowless room.

Light tunnels work by gathering natural light from roof level and transferring it via highly reflective tubing to a ceiling fitting which diffuses beautiful natural light into the room below.

Light up any dark space with the radiance and brilliance of natural light and immediately transform the energy and atmosphere of any space with our range of light tunnels. Our light tunnels are manufactured by leaders in construction technology and have a world wide reputation as the best quality systems available. They use advanced technology and innovative design to transfer maximum sunlight from your roof top to your interior.

Here are some top tips when considering using light tunnels

Depending on the room you want to brighten, you may have different requirements to think about, For example, condensation from bathrooms and kitchens may be a consideration, will you need ventilation or additional lighting included in your light tunnel system?

If the room is downstairs, where will the tubing run? It may have to run through a wardrobe or boxed in area in the room above it. If it is two or more stories below roof level, additional tubing will be required. With our systems, there is usually no issue in running additional tubing as the angular shape and 99.7% reflective surfaces will allow for maximum light reflection.

The size of the room will also be a factor in deciding which model of light tunnel is used and the number of tunnels needed to light a space sufficiently. Think about large or open plan rooms that needs brightening up.

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