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Fakro Passive House Loft Ladder

The Fakro Passive House Loft Ladder, model LWT is a comprehensive solution designed for passive buildings where a large emphasis is placed on minimizing heat loss. Using highly insulated LWT loft ladder and insulation kit connecting the ladder with the ceiling ensures excellent tightness and insulation without the risk of thermal bridges.
The LWT Passive House loft ladder is a technically complex design specifically developed for the demands of such energy-efficient construction standards. Its special 8cm thick hatch is filled with polystyrene insulation to provide an excellent barrier and reduce heat loss.
It is installed with a kit which connects the ladder to the ceiling to guarantee a perfect seal and insulation without thermal bridges. The ladder features the highest rating of air tightness – Class 4.


Ease of Installation
The installation system of the  Fakro Passive House Loft Ladder ensures that the ladder can be easily installed by two individuals. Height can be easily adjusted to suit room height. Ladders come as fully assembled products and do not require any additional pre-installation work.
Ease of Operation
The compact structure of the hatch facilitates ease of operation of the loft ladder. An opening rod is supplied with every loft ladder enabling the user to open and close the unit with ease.
Ease of Accessing
With its light hatch weight and method of ‘click fixing’, it makes installation very simple. There is also a short distance between the top tread and attic floor. Its special 8cm thick hatch is filled with polystyrene insulation to provide an excellent barrier and to reduce heat loss. For perfect tightness the ladder has a triple system of seals to guarantee this. Stile ends are also included along with a white hatch, three seals, a handrail and non-slip treads set flush with ladder strings.
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  • Sizes: 60×120 cm, 70×120 cm, 70×130 cm, 70×140 cm
  • Maximum loading: 160 kg
  • U-Value: U=0.51 W/m²K
  • Insulation thickness: 7.4 cm
  • Hatch thickness: 8 cm
  • Norm requirements: EN 14975
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