Fakro flat roof windows
Fakro flat roof windows

Flat Roof Windows

The benefits of natural illumination of buildings are unquestionable. Bringing the right amount of light into your space can open the space right up, introducing not only light but heat, modernity and a sense of space and connection to the outside world. But, in today’s crowded built environment, large vertical windows with expansive views are not always an option. Modern architecture often requires a clever designer to steal light and a sense of space from roof tops, in order to bring the light in. Buildings with flat roofs can really come to life with specifically designed flat roof windows from our Fakro range can offer the perfect solution.

Depending on your requirements there are 3 types of Fakro flat roof window to choose from and each of these also has a range of glazing and operating options to choose from.

Flat roof windows types

The type F flat roof window features a sleek modern look, characterised by excellent thermal insulation parameters.

A new line of D_G windows combines illumination of rooms under the flat roof and innovative look at design.

The type C flat roof window is equipped with a double glazed unit with laminated internal glass which is anti-burglary class as standard.

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