Fakro Electric Control
Fakro Electric Control

Fakro Electric Controls

Roof windows are now an indispensable part of the modern construction. A diversity of structures and window parameters makes them suitable for use in all types of rooms, performing various functions. Our range of electrically operated windows have become an integral element of any smart home. By means of applied electronic components you can remotely open and close windows as well as operate internal and external accessories fitted on those windows.

This is accomplished through the use of FAKRO’s revolutionary radio communication system named Z-Wave. This is a wireless protocol used for communication between household appliances.

Z-Wave allows you to create a single network by combining a range of electrical devices such as: lighting, thermostats, alarms, computers, telephones, air conditioning and electric windows and blinds. Controlling devices such as a remote control or wall switches are used. Radio waves penetrate through walls and other obstacles, allowing you to control the entire house.

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