Solatube – Benefits of Daylighting Systems

Widely recognized as the industry innovator, Solatube has earned acclaim around the globe for its unrivalled ability to transform interior spaces with the power of daylight.

Harnessing and transferring that daylight indoors is the foundation of Solatube’s products and it’s what inspired them to create the very first Solatube Daylighting System more than two decades ago.

Unlike traditional skylights, our products capture the sun’s light and deliver it to indoor spaces where natural light was previously unheard of, like interior rooms, and rooms on lower floors. And only Solatube Daylighting Systems use breakthrough technology to transform virtually any room without the costs, leaks and hassles associated with traditional skylights.

These daylighting systems and many different areas of application and can transform its surroundings by providing natural sunlight.

– Education

Daylighting is simply smarter and daylit schools, not only do students learn better but they are happier and focus more on their work. Teachers enjoy a better work environment when they are able to control the amount of daylight in their classroom with proper daylight design.


Student Performance: Proper daylighting improves learning and has a positive effect on health and behaviour.

Energy Savings: Reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

Teacher Performance: Daylighting makes teachers happy. Controlling the daylight in their classroom makes them happier.

– Office

Happier and more productive workers thanks to natural daylighting with Solatube products. Many offices have artificial fluorescent lighting which has shown to have adverse effects on workers overall health and wellbeing. Owners and managers can also enjoy lower energy costs and costs due to missed or poor work.


Workplace Productivity: Worker productivity increases with the exposure to daylight: Better concentration and short-term memory.

Energy Savings: More daylight not only reduces energy costs but also worker expenses: Less absenteeism and more productivity.

Employee Well-Being: People want to work where there is natural daylight and they sleep better when they’re exposed to daylight at work.

– Retail

Do you want customers to stay longer and buy more? With natural daylighting, customers will routinely travel farther into a shop at a skylit store because it appears cleaner or brighter.


Energy Savings: Lower utility costs is more money directly towards bottom line.

Sales: Stores with natural daylight outperform stores without by a huge 40%

Customer Service: Employees working under natural light have high morale and provide better customer service.

– Healthcare

Daylighting affects both patients and healthcare staff positively. Patients recover faster with less medication while staff have an easier time focusing on complex tasks such as charting, filling prescriptions, and administering medication.


Patient Well-Being: Daylighting benefits patients in many ways by reducing depression, decreasing hospital stay, reducing medications, and improving sleep.

Patient Recovery: Patients exposed to improved daylighting get better faster and cheaper.

Nurse Satisfaction & Performance: Natural light increases alertness and nurses enjoy lower blood pressure and better moods while communicating and laughing more.