Dormer Renovation with Fakro

This previously unused attic space from a home originally build in the 1980's recently took on a new modern look, extra space and an abundance of natural light. The homeowners now enjoy the beautiful views of the Polder of Amsterdam. The house is located in the small city of Zaandam just north of Amsterdam. This dormer renovation was done using Fakro's innovative prefabricated dormer system.

Beautiful view of Amsterdam

‘Last year we bought a house erected in the 80’s. We both love to do odd jobs and thought it was a good challenge to make this house more contemporary. When our son was born, we decided to make the attic a real ‘mom and dad’ paradise. The first thing we did, was replacing the old dormer with a modern one so we could finally enjoy the view of the polder of Amsterdam.’ – says the home owner.

‘The FAKRO dormer ensures extra daylight, space and a beautiful view of the polder of Amsterdam’ – comments the home owner

Extra light and space

‘The new dormer makes a world of difference. A number of roof windows ensure that a lot of extra light comes inside from all different angles. The outcome is that the attic room feels more spacious. To enjoy the view even more, we chose to add three top hung pivot windows in the bottom row of the dormer. When we open the window we mostly use the top hung position. This way we have a clear view outside and we can even stand in underneath the window.’

If you’re looking for extra space in your home, extending up rather than out might be the best solution for you. A dormer renovation can provide the same additional quality living space as an extension – at a fraction of the cost. The ED_ prefabricated dormer means new opportunities in the development of attics using FAKRO roof windows. The dormer installed in the pitched roof increases usable area of the room and provides perfect illumination of the interior with natural light. This project used the EDT dormer. In addition, three versions of the top surface finish are designed:

– ED_-W – roof windows (identically as in the bottom row)

– ED_-C – one large, non-opening roof window

– ED_-E – upper part covered with sheet metal


Fakro Products used:

– 3x FTU-V U3 (top) – centre pivot roof window

– 3x FPU-V U3 (bottom) – top hung and pivot window preSelect

– 6x APF pleated internal blinds


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