Parexlanko Render for Castletownroche Church – Cork


Originally built in 1848, Castletownroche Church is a traditionally build catholic church featuring stained glass windows, cast-iron rainwater goods and terracotta ridge tiles. As with any building this old, renovations were required to give the church a much-needed facelift. This work began in early 2018. The external walls were restored with lime plaster using high quality Parlumiere Clair from Parexlanko.  Lime based renders from Parexlanko are particularly suited for ecological new build, restoration and preservation works. The product’s special composition allows the mortar to breathe and permits constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment.


Parlumiere Clair Natural Hydraulic Lime Based Render

Product Features:

  • Highly resilient, Parlumiere Clair is compatible with substrates that are fragile and lacking in resistance.
  • Positively assessed at the LRMH (Historical Monuments Research Laboratory) for the Cercledes Partenaires du Patrimoine (heritage partners trust).
  • Reduced curing time: a 10 mm base coat can be covered after 3 days.
  • Parlumiere Clair optimizes bonding by moulding itself to the masonry elements that it covers.
  • Natural white coating.

Our Parexlanko range of renders and technical mortars offer high quality solutions for a variety of project types. Create stunning, durable, weather proof facades in a vast array of colours and finishes.