PROJECT: Situated just a stone’s throw away from the historic University College Cork, this semi-detached house, built at the turn of the last century recently underwent significant renovations from Cork based Lime Plastering Contractor, Colman Howard. The external walls were restored with lime plaster using high quality Parlumiere Clair from Parexlanko.  Lime based renders from
PROJECT: Originally built in 1848, Castletownroche Church is a traditionally build catholic church featuring stained glass windows, cast-iron rainwater goods and terracotta ridge tiles. As with any building this old, renovations were required to give the church a much-needed facelift. This work began in early 2018. The external walls were restored with lime plaster using

Solatube – Benefits of Daylighting Systems

Widely recognized as the industry innovator, Solatube has earned acclaim around the globe for its unrivalled ability to transform interior spaces with the power of daylight. Harnessing and transferring that daylight indoors is the foundation of Solatube’s products and it’s what inspired them to create the very first Solatube Daylighting System more than two decades
Aluthermo Case Studies
This roof is located in Villers-Aux-Tours and was already insulated between the rafters. The owner Mr. Philippe Houssa, himself a roofer, decided to insulate his roof from the exterior due to its particular ease of installation. After the installation from the outside, Mr. Houssa instantly realized the important improvements made regarding heat protection. Roofreflex® is
Aluthermo Case Studies
Floating student flats in Copenhagen, designed by the famous architect Bjarke Ingels (BIG) & Kim Loudrup (Urban Rigger /Udvikling Danmark). The Urban Rigger is a complex of 6 containers that were transformed into student flats. The containers are insulated with our thin reflective insulation Aluthermo® Quattro to guarantee an optimal insulation without losing too much
Solatube Case Studies
Mammoth Park, part of the Viminacium Archaeological Park near Kostolac in Eastern Serbia, opened in June 2014, and is now an exquisite tourist destination. The park is situated in an underground cave where visitors can see exposed skeletons of a female mammoth, Vike, found in 2009, as well as the remains of her four young