Fakro Galeria – Views of the Pacific Ocean

An old “eccentric” building located on the Californian coast has undergone renovation and turned into an ideal place to relax. The bedroom offers a fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean and all this thanks to the unique Fakro Galeria roof windows.

A construction from the 70’s

It took more than a year to finish renovation works of the building in Bolinas, California, that has been abandoned and fallen into ruin over the years. An architect Alethea Patton together with the owners undertook the challenge of creating a functional home using the largest possible amount of materials from the original building. Their efforts resulted in an artistic, eclectic house with a vast, green garden full of flowers and a wonderful view of the Bay of San Francisco thanks to the installation of the wonderful Fakro Galeria.

Functional space

The interior of the building impresses with its remarkable character. The spacious kitchen combined with dining room is directed towards the garden and terrace that is made up of boards from the old house. A balcony was added on the second floor with barrel sauna placed on it. In the bedroom on the top floor, FAKRO roof windows open up the space to the Pacific Ocean and provide an extraordinary view right after waking up in the morning. Moreover, the FGH-V Galeria balcony window after opening allows to gain an additional space in the attic to feel the ocean breeze. When closing the window, balustrades are hidden inside, therefore they are protected from damage and dirt accumulation.

“When we were surfing the Internet and came across FAKRO balcony windows they looked to good to be true – our impression was that those windows were created just for this house. They had to be brought from Poland and transported across the United States all the way to the West Coast. When they finally arrived, we knew it was worth waiting for! Their quality is amazing and you can see they will serve for many years to come,” commented by the building owner.

A view of paradise

It took a lot of hard work both for the investor and architect to accomplish their goal. As the implementation of this bold vision was quite a challenge, FAKRO roof windows came to the rescue. The unique design of balcony windows opened up the bedroom in the attic to the garden and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. After opening, the FGH-V Fakro Galeria window creates a balcony, increasing the area of the attic and allowing the inflow of fresh air into the bedroom and soothing sound of the ocean. Another aspect taken into account by the window designers included its impeccable aesthetics and excellent parameters.

Durability & Aesthetics

Wooden facade has been made using the ancient Japanese method that increased its durability and repels pests without the need for chemical agents. This method consists in searing wooden boards until a charred outer layer is formed, giving an intriguing aesthetic effect.

Currently, the house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms can be rented by those who want to feel the atmosphere of this marvelous place.

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