Fakro Flat Roof Window Types

The engineering behind all the Fakro Flat Roof Window Types are both detailed in its design yet simple in its operation. The windows are designed and manufactured to prioritise functionality while never compromising on aesthetics, ease of use or installation. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect Fakro Flat Roof Window for your home – you’ve come to the right place.


Safety and Security: All Fakro flat roof windows types boast a high level of impact resistance, thus maximising operational safety of the product.

Natural Light: Ensuring that the maximum amount of light possible is supplied through our windows is a fundamental element of our design. FAKRO flat roof windows feature a larger glazing area than other manufacturers systems. As a consequence, your interior will benefit from maximum sunlight throughout the year.

Unconventional Sizes: It should also be noted that here at FAKRO, our type F windows can be customised and manufactured in non-standard dimensions – enabling an abundance of flexibility in the design and planning process of buildings.

Accessories: In terms of accessories, FAKRO offers a vast range. The installation of customised external/internal accessories improves both functionality and aesthetic appearance of roof windows. For example, our external blinds can help prevent overheating, while internal accessories enhance the look and deliver privacy. Additionally, our electrically operated flat roof windows contain sensors which automatically trigger the closing mechanism when rain is detected. Continue reading to see all our Fakro Flat Roof Window Types.


Fakro Flat Roof Window Types

Our Type F collection of roof windows are characterised by…
  • Exceptional thermal insulation qualities.
  • Innovative design.
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 2° and 15°.
  • Available in 200+ colours.
  • Design allows for both external/internal accessories.
  • DXF – Non-opening version available.
  • DMF – Manual opening version.
  • DEF – Electrically operated version.
Alternatively, our Type G collection are characterised by…
  • Technologically advanced – smart aesthetics.
  • Structure and design of window allows for installation of internal accessories.
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 5° to 15°.
  • DXG – Non-opening version.
  • DMG – Manual opening version.
  • DEG – Electrically operated version.
Our domed flat roof window collection is characterised by…
  • Wide variety of sizes.
  • Provides an abundance of natural light.
  • Design allows for installation of internal and external accessories.
  • Ideal for a roof pitch between 0° and 15°.
  • DXC – Non-opening version.
  • DMC – Manual opening version.
  • DEC – Electrically operated version.
Our DXW window are characterised by…
  • Non-opening.
  • Surface level flush with roof.
  • Special coating to minimise risk of slipping.
  • Enhanced load capacity.
  • High resistance to break-in attempts due to its reinforced design.
  • Reduced heat loss.
  • Modern design and high-quality finish.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Solid weight bearing construction.
Fakro flat roof windows
Fakro flat roof windows