Lead Lined Boards

In partnership with Midland Lead, Tradectaft offer the widest range of lead lined boards in Ireland. All products are made can supply bespoke size solutions to meet your precise requirements. Our lead lined boards are used by builders and contractors throughout Ireland, and in countries around the world to provide dependable protection for people against harmful levels of radiation.

Depending on the application, you can choose to line the board with lead sheet in varying thicknesses, ranging from Code 1 (0.45mm) through to Code 8 (3.55mm), with many different thicknesses in between.

Our lead lined boards can also be bonded to various types of board material. In most cases our boards are manufactured using plasterboard/gypsum, but we also offer our customers the option of a number of other base materials. Encapsulation and laminating finishing are also available. Our standard board size is 2.4m x 600 mm but we can accommodate bespoke sizes.


Thanks to its high density, a relatively thin layer of lead offers consistent, reliable and proven protection to radiation. Its low bulk and pliability makes it an ideal material for incorporation into building materials to create items such as lead lined plasterboard, battens and fillets.
When fitted, the lead is completely hidden from view; securely bonded to high quality plasterboard, plywood or MDF. This gives the benefit of complete x-ray protection whilst the finished piece is aesthetically like any other high quality room-lining material.  Along with other radiation protection products in our range, you can be completely rest assured that you have protected staff and patients safely.


You can choose to line the board with our machine cast lead sheet in standard codes 1-8 (0.45 mm to 3.55 mm) or any thickness in-between. Our standard board size is 2.4m x 600 mm but we can accommodate bespoke sizes in plasterboard, plywood and MDF.
The thickness you require will depend on the application and your particular clinical situation. But remember to always consult a radiation protection advisor before placing your order.


Size Guide


See our graphic below to inform you as to what codes are applicable to your project:
Lead Code Guide