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Choose from our range of highly crafted, energy efficient Fakro roof windows, and bring beautiful natural light to any room.

Transform the exterior of any building, new or old, with our range of specialised renders and technical mortars from Parexlanko.

The Solatube range of sun tunnels deliver brilliant natural light to new and existing buildings and are the most reflective sun tunnels on the market.

Ensure your building is constructed to the highest standards with our range of thermal, sound and fire insulation solutions.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Our Fakro Windows are a breath of fresh air. Crafted to the highest quality, they offer stunning design, durability and exceptional thermal performance.



Formed in 1999, Tradecraft is a leader in the delivery of quality, tailored construction solutions for the Irish building industry.

With a team of exceptional technical experts behind all of our products, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and customer service.

We only source building products and solutions that have long and trusted reputations, are smart in their design and that provide a better alternative to other building products currently on the market.

We source innovative, quality, expert construction solutions from around the globe and we supply them to the Irish market.

We continually look for building solutions that will improve building methods, quality and design in Ireland.

Our Mission

Our aim is to support our partners & clients with a range of innovative technical solutions that compliment their ideas & design requirements.

We encourage the development of our personnel in an environment that promotes education and training both professionally and product related.


At Tradecraft, we go to extensive measures to ensure all of the building solutions we source are manufactured to the highest possible standards and are designed to provide compliance with current building regulations.
For specific Declarations of Performance or Agreement Certificates, please feel free to contact our helpful team.

Fire Resistance

With renewed focus on fire resistance in construction industries around the world, we are proud to say that many of our building solutions already uphold and significantly exceed the regulations on fire resistance. Our mineral fibre insulation, for example, forms part of a highly fire resistant system to block the spread of fire on the outside of the building.
Our fire stop access doors and access panels, prevent the spread are fire rated and prevent the spread of fire into loft spaces and walls. And many of our roof windows provide a fire escape to meet with fire regulations.
To find out more about fire resistance and compliance, why not call our helpful team today


While sustainability in architecture is something that is now expected, many of our building solutions already significantly exceed sustainability expectations and energy-efficiency requirements. With the dawn of the passive house era comes a focus on heat retention, energy efficiency and airtightness. Many of our products offer the highest in efficiency standards available on the market today. Our range of roof windows, for example, offer some of the lowest U-values on the market.
Our insulation solutions combine superior thermal performance, sound insulation and fire resistance.
And our sealing systems are designed to offer airtightness and protection in some of the harshest climates in the world. To find out more about the sustainability and efficiency of any of our products, please call our helpful team today.

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Many of the projects we have worked on require building solutions and materials that are beautifully crafted, whilst also being sustainable, efficient, functional and durable. View our latest projects here.

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