Aluthermo Quattro – Infrared Floor Heating

Aluthermo Quattro - An ideal all in one solution as it acts as an insulation material, vapour barrier and roof membrane. An ultra-thin, multi-reflective and with 4 layers of aluminium multi-layer insulation material which is thermally-welded across all its surfaces.

Aluthermo Quattro is the first thin, multi-reflector, multi-layer insulation system with all surfaces fully thermally welded together. Aluthermo Quattro is composed of two layers of pure aluminium 30 microns thick, polished and treated against oxidation, separated by two layers of air bubbles placed in a honeycomb structure and enclosed in a fire-retarding polyethylene film, as well as two additional films of pure aluminium and a waterproof and fire-retardant polyethylene foam. Aluthermo Quattro constitutes an almost impenetrable barrier for infrared radiation in both summer and winter.

On this renovation project of 700 bungalows in the Netherlands, the thickness of the floor hea- ting system together with the screed needed to be reduced to a strict minimum.

Therefore they opted for an ultra-thin electronic infrared heating system insulated, of course, with Aluthermo Quattro.

As a radiant barrier of only 10mm thickness, it is one of the thinnest options available.

Product: Quattro
Application: Floor insulation under screed

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