Roof Windows

Spectacular Transformation

In order to make the building suitable for living, it was vital to fill it with natural light. Strategically installing Fakro roof windows throughout helped achieve a spectacular transformation for this home.

Applying proSky windows secured very good interior lighting. What is more, raised axis of rotation in these windows stands behind easy operation and approach to the window edge in order to take pleasure from a wide view of the outside. It is undoubtedly a great benefit for the user as the building has picturesque location.

Attributed to proSky windows, the bedroom is filled with a stimulating brightness that helps to welcome a new day with positive energy. These exceptionally high roof windows also provide a better picture of the dominant greenery and a sense of contact with nature. In addition to light and wonderful panoramas, windows ensure an abundance of natural air in the room.

The FYU-V Duet proSky windows also illuminate the bathroom and fill the users with enthusiasm and vigour. Thanks to these windows they can experience bath under the open sky. Window profiles coated with triple layer of polyurethane lacquer offer good protection against periodically elevated humidity levels in the room.

Another excellent decision made by the architect was to use FAKRO non-opening L-shaped combination windows. This mix, in addition to delivering more natural light to the room, provides a better view from the inside of the building to the surroundings. Moreover, L-shaped combination windows in the applied size make the house seen from the outside very stylish.

The remaining part of the attic is filled with FAKRO FTP-V pivot windows, which, while ensuring very good parameters, light up interiors and allow their ventilation. All FAKRO windows used in the project come with systems that enhance their safety, durability, tightness and thermal insulation as well as certificates confirming their highest quality and excellent performance. Visit out Instagram page to see more images of this spectacular transformation.


FAKRO products used:

13x FTP-V,

2x FDY-V proSky

2x FDY-V/U proSky,

6x BXP,

3x FYP-V proSky,

3x FYU-V proSky