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Fakro awning window blinds for brings a pleasant learning atmosphere into the classroom of elementary school in Austria. 

In the elementary school of Lanzenkirchen in Lower Austria the rising temperatures in the south-facing classrooms became a big challenge. Many complained about the lack of heat pro-tection. “Due to the increased heat periods in recent years, pu-pils and teachers had to deal with the problem of overheated classrooms,” Mayor of Lanzenkirchen explains. Since summer 2016, the school has a modern and efficient shading system with Fakro Awning Window Blinds. Due to the simple installation and no drilling work on and in the building Mayor of Lanzenkirchen chose the awning blind VMZ So-lar from FAKRO. He was also convinced of the “fully automatic mode”: the awning blind closes in the early morning, before the sun is too strong and opens again in the evening, when more fresh air is needed in the house to cool down. Furthermore, the green color of the roll-up box and the guide rails were adapted to the window color without any addition-al charge (RAL Classic). FAKRO has previously equipped the New Middle School in Lanzenkirchen with the awning blind VMZ Solar. The chairman of the school board, was looking for a heat protection for classrooms – and he found it at FAKRO.

More concentration thanks to awning blinds:

Many studies confirm that daylight leads to better learning outcomes among students. Just as important as daylight is the protection against summer overheating. The requirements for a modern heat protection are on the one hand the simple electrical or automatic control and on the other hand the light guiding function for optimal lighting conditions in the room. Since the new awning blinds have been installed in the elementary school in Lanzenkirchen, director Doris Benesch has noticed improved learning and teaching quality amongst pupils and teachers. Now the shading system provides a much better indoor climate where students and teachers can work more concentrated.

Fakro Awning Window Blinds constitute the optimal solution as a means of protection against excessive solar heat. The awning blind absorbs solar radiation before it reaches the glazing and emits the heat to the outside of the room, hence it ensures much better protection from tiresome heat on the sunny days. By offering up to 8 times more effective protection than internal blinds this can reduce the internal temperature drop by as much as 10°C.

Carsten Nentwig, Managing Director of FAKRO Austria: 

“A heat protection can only be ensured by an external shading – it is up to 8 times more effective than internal sun protec-tion because the energy is already held in front of the pane. In practice, this means that the internal temperature can be lower by up to 10 ° C.”


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